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We supply competent & professional unarmed and armed security personnel

We live in a world and a society that is ever changing. The way we have done things in the past has now become obsolete for the present and future. Our society is one of adapting and changing, therefore you need a progressive security and investigations provider to address our ever changing and adapting society. Security techniques of old may not work or are inadequate for the needs of today. But, the core foundation of old values should remain coupled with advanced technology and the new security techniques of today.

Concept Security & Investigations, Inc. was established to fill this void. CSI is a multi-faceted, full service, licensed, bonded, and insured security and investigations firm dedicated to the needs of the community that we serve. Concept Security & Investigations has been servicing the City of New York since 2005 under its security guard training school, Concept Security Training Institute and providing security and investigative services since 2006.

With our core values of Truth, Loyalty, Honor and Courage we seek to acomplish the mission of providing high quality security and investigative services at the most cost effective rate.


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